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M. De Vittorio, L. Martiradonna, L. Sileo, M. Amato

Collaborations: Harvard, Paris LKB, Minatec Grenoble, Cork, Univ. Of Glasgow, Univ. Of Bath, TU Tallinn, DTU Copenaghen



M. De Vittorio, L. Martiradonna, L. Sileo, M. Amato

This activity is devoted to the design and fabrication of micro and nanodevices based on both novel materials and nanostructures and on advanced architectures. The application of quantum dots (QD) as active material in optical devices has attracted much attention, due to the potential advantages offered by three-dimensionally confined systems and their discretized electronic density of states. Two different approaches are being pursued at the National Nanotechnology Laboratory in Lecce for the fabrication of QDs based devices: epitaxial self-organized QDs applied to ultra fast lasers for telecom applications and colloidal nanostructures for quantum cryptography, photovoltaic devices and tunable LEDs and displays.

A new and powerful class of colloidal quantum nanostructures (Quantum dots, rods and tetrapods) synthesized by wet techniques is also being developed and applied to novel quantum photonic devices. Photonic devices such as photonic crystal membrane resonators, nanodisplay and multicolour light sources are being fabricated by direct e-beam and optical lithography on a resist/nanocrystals blend.

Their quantum nature makes NCs very promising also for single photon emission at room temperature. Their emission properties, in terms of radiative lifetime and photon polarization, can be tuned drawing a viable strategy for their exploitation as room-temperature single photon sources for quantum information and quantum telecommunications.

The design and fabrication of ultra-compact quantum photonic devices based on two-dimensional photonic crystal (2D-PC) technology is also pursued. Photonic crystals (PC) are promising systems to tailor the propagation of light and to control the spontaneous and stimulated emission of light-emitting devices. PC technology will enable applications such as compact filters, sharply bent waveguides or highly efficient light-emitting devices. To this aim the nanotechnology group at University of Salento is exploiting the available technologies (electron beam lithography, epitaxial and dielectric deposition and deep etching) to the fabrication of 2D-PC planar devices.  Fabricated nanoresonators exhibit single mode operation and Q-factors both in the visible and in the infrared spectral ranges. This technology has been applied to the optical readout of lab-on-chips, demonstrating a 100-fold increase of the signal to noise ratio and its spectral tagging.

The micro and nanodevices research line is also devoted to the design, fabrication and development of MEMS systems. MEMS for mechanical energy harvesting, tactile devices and displays and biomimetic sensors are being developed. MEMS sensors for artificial hair cells to be applied in fish robots, or for inner ear prosthetic are fabricated by exploiting the self rolling technology for strain driven cantilever. Piezo MEMS are also exploited for harvesting vibration mechanical energy at low frequencies. Finally micro and nanodevices are being fabricated and tested for in-vitro and in-vivo measuring of neural activity in brain based on GaAs/AlGaAs HEMT, nanoelectrodes fabricated by beam induced deposition (IBID/EBID) and nanocomposite materials.

Pubblications 2011

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